Certified Designers
Name and Business Location Contact
Patricia Acheff, FAPLD
Visionscapes NW Landscape Design
Portland, OR 503.320.8427 patricia@visionscapesnorthwest.com www.visionscapesnorthwest.com
Adriana Berry, FAPLD
Plant Passion Design, LLC
Portland, OR 503.643.5223 plantpassiondesign@gmail.com
Donna Giguere, FAPLD
Donna Giguere Landscape Design
Portland, OR 503.777.1177 giguereld@comcast.net www.giguerelandscapedesign.com/
Kathryn Leech, FAPLD
River City Gardens
Portland, OR 503.293.6114 kathryn@rivercitygardens.com www.rivercitygardens.com/
Marion McNew, FAPLD
Mount Hood Gardens, Inc.
Hood River, OR 541.386.4119 mounthoodgardens@gorge.net www.mounthoodgardens.com/
Vanessa Gardner Nagel, FAPLD
Seasons Garden Design, LLC
Vancouver, WA 360.546.2746 vanessa@seasonsgardendesign.com www.seasonsgardendesign.com/
Barbara Simon, FAPLD
Barbara Simon Landscape Design
Portland, OR 503.774.7415 bsimonlandscapes@comcast.net www.barbarasimonlandscapedesign.com/
Barbara Hilty, FAPLD
Barbara Hilty Landscape Design, LLC
Portland, OR 503.224.3947 barbara@hiltylandscapedesign.com www.hiltylandscapedesign.com
Professional, Educator, Industry Partner, & Student Members
Name and Business Location Contact
Julie Williams, Allied Member
Landscape East & West
Portland, OR 503.915.8195 juliew@landscapeeast.com
Donna Burdick, Allied Member
D & J Landscape Contractors
Industry Member
La Center, WA 503.209.5798 http://www.djlandscapecontractors.com djlandscapecontractors@gmail.com
Bjorn Nordquist
Landscape East & West
Industry Member
Clackamas, OR 503.256.5302 www.landscapeeast.com bjornn@landscapeeast.com
Rachel Monteiro, Qualified Professional
Rachel's Landscape Design
Portland, OR 503.475.7286 http://Rachel_Monteiro.Houzz.com pdxrach@yahoo.com
Lynn Wolfstone, Qualified Professional
Wolfstone Landscape Design
Portland, OR 503.709.9069 www.wolfstonelandscapedesign.com lynn@wolfstonelandscapedesign.com
Jan Main, Qualified Professional
Jan Main Design
Lake Oswego, OR 503.807.1219 http://www.janmaindesign.com jan@janmaindesign.com
Bonnie Bruce, Qualified Professional
Celilo Gardens
Portland, OR 503.929.5502 www.celilogardens.com bonnie@celilogardens.com
Erik Santee, Qualified Professional
Windswept Landscapes, LLC
Hood River, OR 541.380.1835 www.windsweptlandscapes.com erik@windsweptlandscapes.com
Judy Kokesh, Qualified Professional
Judy Kokesh Garden Design LLC
Portland, OR 503.335.5865 jkokesh@comcast.net
Christine Henderson, Emerging Professional
Refuge Landscape Design
Portland, OR 206.914.1654 http://refugelandscapedesign.com refugelandscapedesign@gmail.com
Raevyn Carney, Emerging Professional
Portland, OR 503.347.4717 gaiagardens.org gaiangardens1@gmail.com
Jaime English, Qualified Professional
Kahoots Design
Portland, OR 503.915.7022 kahootsdesign.com jaime@kahootsdesign.com
Stephanie Rubin, Professional
GreenGreen Landscape Studio
Portland, OR 503.893.8385 greengreendesign.com stephanie@greengreendesign.com
Janette Gallagher, Qualified Professional
Gallagher Landscape Design
Lake Oswego, OR 503.381.3445 gallagherlandscapedesign.com jlglandscapes@gmail.com