What is it and why get involved?

Advocacy begins with a level of vigilance on our part (individually and collectively) to monitor activities, proposed legislation, regulations, and ordinances both locally and nationally, that may impact our right to practice. Increasingly Professional Landscape Designers, Horticulturists and associated Landscape Professionals are feeling these pressures. As members of APLD we benefit from a collective knowledge and strength and can rely on the support system the organization provides. The APLD Advocacy Committee works to keep engaged in these issues.

As important as it is to monitor legislation to guarantee our right to practice, we have to move beyond this reactionary stance and become more proactive. How do we do that? ADVOCACY. We need to strengthen the interdependent ties we have with other industry professionals and suppliers. By engaging our clients, local legislators, and the public in not only the design of landscapes and associated systems, but by educating and sharing the knowledge and skill set we possess. Create workshops, symposiums, and other opportunities to be present in front of a greater audience. As a result we will be recognized as an integral part of the Professional Team that deserves a seat at the table. By sharing the knowledge, passion and commitment we possess with a greater audience, we can further the goals the organization sets before us.

As APLD members, sign up for your StateScape account. Review our Standards of Practice in the Policy Manual. Help the Advocacy Committee to monitor legislation throughout the country especially in those states that are not represented by APLD.

“We Define Landscape Design” is more than a tag line, it’s a mission. It is Advocacy in Action.

Author:  Richard B. Rosiello

A photo of some of the national advocacy committee at the 2015 DC Conference. From left to right: Naomi Goodman (WA), Francesca Corra (CA), Danilo Maffei (2016 APLD Pres. Elect), Amy Whitworth, Diana Grundeen(MN), Laura Kuhn (MA), Richard Rosiello (CT)

Members of APLD’s National Advocacy Committee at the 2015 Conference in DC.
From left to right:
Naomi Goodman (WA), Francesca Corra (CA), Danilo Maffei (2016 APLD Pres. Elect), Amy Whitworth (OR), Diana Grundeen(MN), Laura Kuhn (MA), Richard Rosiello (CT)

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