(Sat.06.09.18) ACADEMY Session Two – Private Garden Tour

Summer is almost here. Let’s get out and tour some gardens! For Academy Summer 2018 we are planning a series of garden tours. We’re kicking off the first tour in June at Lucy Hardiman’s private garden.


Lucy Hardiman Garden Tour

Saturday, June 9th, 10:00AM

Tickets $10

Lucy will give us a guided a tour of her garden and describe her thought process behind the design. We will also have a chance to tour a second bonus garden that abuts her property.

As a budding designer it’s important to build relationships for sourcing material. The tour will be followed by a trip to Xera Nursery. Greg and Paul are two plantsmen you should know and a great wealth of information.

This is a joint event hosted by APLD Academy and PCC LAT Club. All students and APLD/ANLD members are encouraged to attend. Let’s mingle, mix and enjoy the sunshine.